1. Large format circular - Mirage Towers

Billboards (Large Format)


An outdoor branding investment that makes your brand to look its best in all weather, anytime or day. We also customize 3D images for clients seeking high impact billboards.

street poles

Street Poles


We provide a sequence of normal & reflective streetpoles for your outdoor campaigns to draw more attention from your audience establishing brand awareness.


Specialized Branding


Marketing that connects passers-by and vehicular traffic with your Ads. Provides unique and impactful opportunities and consumer interaction and a direct relationship through Ads.


Extensive network

Firmbridge has broadly invested in large format billboards and street pole Ad box infrastructure covering all major towns, busy roads and intersections in Kenya to increase your brand visibility. We own and manage all our advertising infrastructure. Customer support and delivery excellence has been our mainstay, thus the company has grown to earn the confidence of all the renowned corporations and harnessed steadfast working partnerships with all leading brands.